DMCA Copyright Infringement Notification

The trademarks and registered trademarks brand names, and company logos or names that appear on the website are the sole property the respective owner.StoriesDownis a member of laws of the Federal Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) when responding to notifications of alleged infringement in accordance in accordance with DMCA and other laws applicable to the site.

To file a copyright infringement notification with us, you will need to send a written communication that includes substantially the following:

1. A signature, either electronic or physical of an individual authorized to sign on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right which is believed to be infringed.

2. Identification of the copyrighted works that is claimed to be infringed or in the event that multiple copyrighted works on a single website are covered by one notice, a representative list of the works that are covered by the site.

3. Identification of the material which is believed to infringe or to have been the object of an infringing activity, and to be removed from the site or access to which has to be blocked, and details sufficient enough to permit that service company to find the material. The inclusion of URLs in your email body is the ideal method of assisting us to locate information quickly.

Four information that is sufficient for that service supplier to communicate with the party complaining including an address, phone number and, if it is available an email address where the complainant can be reached.

5-A declaration that the party complaining is of the opinion that the use of the material in the manner that is complained of is not allowed by the copyright holder or its agent, nor is it authorized by the law.

6-A declaration that the information contained in the notification is true and, subject to the penalties of perjury, the complainant is legally authorized to represent the owner of the exclusive right that’s allegedly violated. (Note that in Section 512(f) anyone who intentionally and materially lies about the fact that something or action is infringing can be liable for damages. Also, DO NOT claim falsely!

To speed up our ability to respond to your request, the written notice must be sent an agent designated by us, whose contact information is accessible via the “DMCA designated agent” which is listed below:

DMCA (at) or use contact form Contact form.