How Many People Can You Follow Daily on Instagram?

In the era of social media, one of the most frequent questions that Instagram users often ponder is, “How Many People Can You Follow Daily on Instagram?” While it may seem like a straightforward question, the answer involves various factors, including Instagram’s rules, user engagement, and algorithmic considerations. Here’s a deep dive into understanding the limitations of How Many People Can You Follow Daily on Instagram and the best practices for following people on Instagram.

Instagram’s Official Limit:

Instagram officially allows you to follow up to 7,500 people. While this number seems generous, you’d be surprised how quickly it can fill up, especially if you’re a marketer or social media influencer. However, the more critical aspect to consider here is the daily follow limit. Instagram imposes a cap on how many people you can follow within a 24-hour period to prevent spammy behavior. This limit varies depending on various factors such as account age, previous actions, and so on but is generally estimated to be around 200 per day for most accounts.

The Age Factor:

If you’ve just set up your Instagram account, hold your horses before going on a following spree. Instagram is notoriously strict with new accounts to prevent spam and fraudulent activities. For accounts that are just a few days old, the daily following limit may be as low as 20-50. This restriction gradually eases as your account ages and gains credibility through consistent, organic engagement.

User Engagement:

The Instagram algorithm also monitors your user engagement, which means how actively you like, comment, share, and of course, follow. If your account demonstrates high levels of engagement, Instagram might permit you a higher daily follow limit. However, excessive, automated, or spam-like behavior, such as following and then quickly unfollowing users, may result in temporary or even permanent restrictions on your account.

The Algorithmic Consideration:

The daily follow limit isn’t just a random number. Instagram uses its algorithm to analyze user behavior continuously. The algorithm looks for patterns that suggest spammy or non-authentic activities. For instance, if you keep following and unfollowing people rapidly, it triggers a red flag. The algorithm may then reduce your daily follow limit, or in extreme cases, may even block your ability to follow people temporarily.

How Many People Can You Follow Daily on Instagram

How to Follow Wisely?

Spread it Out: Instead of following 200 people in one go, consider spreading it throughout the day. This appears more organic to Instagram’s algorithm.

Engage: Try to engage with the content of people you follow. Like their posts, leave genuine comments, and share. This boosts your account’s credibility.

Quality Over Quantity: Don’t just follow for the sake of hitting your daily limit. Make sure that the accounts you follow align with your interests or provide some value to you.

Be Consistent: Try to be regular in your activities but avoid being excessively aggressive in following people. Consistency helps in building your profile’s credibility.

Monitor Your Actions: Keep track of how many people you’ve followed in a 24-hour period. Exceeding the limit might result in penalties.

Penalties for Exceeding the Limit:

Overstepping Instagram’s follow limits can result in temporary restrictions or penalties, including:

Follow Ban: A temporary ban on your ability to follow users, often ranging from a few hours to several days.

Action Block: A more general restriction where you’re unable to perform any actions like liking, commenting, and following.

Account Suspension or Deletion: In extreme cases of repeated violations, Instagram may suspend or delete your account.


While Instagram’s rules and algorithms are continually evolving, understanding the existing limitations on following can help you plan your Instagram strategy effectively. Whether you’re a casual user looking to expand your social circle or a marketer aiming to grow a brand, being aware of these limits and adhering to best practices will ensure that you grow your following in a genuine and sustainable way.

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