How to Find Trending Songs on Instagram?

Instagram isn’t just a platform for sharing photos and videos; it’s also a dynamic space where music trends are born, nurtured, and shared. Whether you’re an influencer looking to use the most popular tracks to boost your posts or a music enthusiast wanting to discover new tunes, knowing How to Find Trending Songs on Instagram can amplify your experience. Here are some effective ways to track down the trending beats you crave.

Use Instagram Stories Music Sticker:

The Music Sticker in Instagram Stories is not just a feature to add an extra layer of emotion to your story; it is also a discovery engine. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Open Instagram Stories: Tap the camera icon on the top left corner to open the Stories feature.
  • Capture or Upload Content: Take a photo or video, or upload one from your gallery.
  • Add Music Sticker: Tap the sticker icon (it looks like a square smiley face), and then tap the ‘Music’ sticker.
  • Browse or Search: You can look through popular songs or type in to search for specific genres or moods.
  • Check Trending Section: Instagram often has a ‘Trending’ section within the Music sticker, which shows songs that are currently popular.

By following these steps, you can not only use trending songs in your stories but also discover what’s currently in vogue.

Browse Through Popular Reels:

Instagram Reels is another way to Find Trending Songs on Instagram. People often use catchy, trending music to make their short-form videos more engaging. To Find Trending Songs on Instagram through Reels:

  • Go to the Reels Tab: It’s the icon that looks like a clapperboard, located at the bottom of your screen.
  • Scroll Through: As you scroll through, pay attention to the music used in the videos.
  • Check Music Tag: Tap on the music name at the bottom of a video to see other Reels that use the same song. If many people use it, chances are it’s trending.
How to Find Trending Songs on Instagram

Leverage the Explore Page to Find Trending Songs on Instagram:

Your Explore page isn’t only a place to discover new content types but also to Find Trending Songs on Instagram.

  • Tap on the Magnifying Glass Icon: This opens the Explore page.
  • Filter for Music or Reels: Use the categories at the top to narrow down your search.
  • Scroll and Listen: Browse through the videos and stories. If a particular song keeps coming up, it’s probably trending.

Follow Popular Influencers and Musicians:

Influencers and musicians are often early adopters of music trends. Following them can give you a front-row seat to what songs are getting ready to take off.

Identify Influencers: 

Look for people in your niche or in general pop culture who are known for their good taste in music.

Stay Updated: 

Turn on post notifications to make sure you don’t miss out on any of their updates.


Drop a comment or send a DM to ask about the song if it’s not tagged. Chances are, they or someone else will let you know.

Use Third-party Tools and Websites:

There are websites and apps designed to Find Trending Songs on Instagram and many other social platforms. Some of these are:

Billboard Charts: They often consider data from social media.

Shazam: Use it to identify any song you come across on Instagram.

Music Discovery Apps: Platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud often have playlists dedicated to trending songs, some of which are popular on social media.

Final Thoughts:

Instagram offers multiple avenues to Find Trending Songs on Instagram, whether you’re looking to make your posts more engaging or find new music to enjoy. From utilizing the in-app features to stalking your favorite influencers, finding trending songs has never been easier. So go ahead, and give your Instagram experience a new beat.

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